Using Cloudflare with SSL

Our customers all have Cloudflare enabled with their sites in order to manage their DNS as well as to provide other advanced functionality at the DNS level rather than directly on the web server.

One of the things that Cloudflare offers is SSL. However, here at Brainstorm we also offer Free SSL through Let’s Encrypt.

When using the wrong settings for SSL through Cloudflare, it is likely you will encounter errors such as redirect loops. You will want to make sure to follow this guide to avoid any SSL conflicts between Brainstorm & Cloudflare.

There are a couple solutions to using Cloudflare and SSL on Brainstorm:

If you wish to use Brainstorm SSL only:
* Ensure Cloudflare SSL is OFF

If you wish to use Cloudflare Full SSL (Strict):

* Ensure Brainstorm SSL is ON or valid custom SSL certificate added

Brainstorm & Cloudflare do NOT recommend the use of  “Flexible SSL”

For more details on all the Cloudflare options in regards to SSL, check out their guide: