Does Brainstorm Restrict Any Plugins?

There are quite a few plugins in the WordPress ecosystem; has over 27,000 just in their repository. However, from time to time we run across plugins that don’t play well on our systems, or duplicate functionality we’re already providing as part of our managed services. As such, we’ve added functionality to prevent these plugins from being activated.

Backup Plugins

At this time, brainstorm doesn’t specifically disallow plugin activation for backup related plugins. We encourage the use of our automated backup system that will backup your site to an Amazon S3 bucket.

The brainstorm provided off-site backup process is not subject to limitations that apply to a backup plugin executing within the confines of your site. These limitations include, but are not limited to:

  • Request execution timeouts
  • PHP memory limits
  • Reliance on WP cron to schedule and perform a backup
  • Use of site resources for backup processes

If our happiness team detects that a backup plugin on your site is causing performance and/or resource contention issues, the backup plugin will be disabled and removed.

CSS/JS Minification Plugins

These plugins can cause sites to slow down or not function properly:

  • bwp-minify

Caching Plugins

These plugins interfere with our own caching systems and can often break the caching we’ve implemented causing your sites to slow down or not function properly:

  • nginx-helper
  • w3-total-cache
  • wp-rocket
  • wp-super-cache

This article is subject to change from time to time and if you ever have questions about these plugins, please don’t hesitate to contact our happiness team.